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Don’t Ask Someone How Many Individuals They’ve Slept With

“What’s your quantity? Like, you’ve had intercourse with? ”

This concern has frustrated me because the extremely very first time I’ve heard somebody ask it.

Whenever we ask individuals because of their quantity, we don’t value their number. Instead, we worry about the presumptions we could make about them centered on their quantity. Once we ask individuals with regards to their quantity, we’re really asking another concern. Our company is asking…

  • “Do you want sex? ”
  • About it? “Do you protect your sexuality, or are you extremely casual”
  • “Do you have got a wide sufficient base of experience to comprehend the finer points of intercourse? ”
  • “Do you get down on times a whole lot? ”
  • “Do you have got one stands a lot? Night”

The issue is, the wide range of intimate lovers someone’s had does not answer some of these concerns. A male with a decreased quantity is most likely completely ready to have one-night stand, whereas a female with a top quantity may hate casual sex. Someone might have a number that is high maybe maybe not enjoy a lot of their sexual encounters — and someone with a reduced number may enjoy intercourse really much and now have it often.

One’s number does not also talk with familiarity with different figures, either. Some body with a reduced number might have been intimate with individuals with various systems, whereas somebody with a top quantity might go for similar kind of individual every time that is single. Pokračování textu Don’t Ask Someone How Many Individuals They’ve Slept With