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Our Closest Friend’s Wife And Me Personally and All

I was just shocked at her beauty She was just looking very beautiful. Her figure was very sexy with 34-29-36. She asked me“who r u „. Firstly i didn’t reply her because i was not in this world. Then i said that i was Raj her hubby’s close friend. Then she said“Oh please come in. I am sorry. I didn’t know you isn’t it“. Then i said „it’s alright“. She was in a blue saree. It was so tranparent that her navel was clearly visible thru her saree. As problem with hobby of looking at beautiful navel I was just starring at her navel. That thing she didn’t notice and saved me. She asked me to get fresh and showed me the way to the bathroom. My friend also had a son who was six years old. I asked rachana where their son was. She then replied that he has gone to college and would return by evening when i reached my friend’s home i was welcomed by his wife. Her name was rachana.

From that right time I happened to be starring at her sexy navel.

From the period i became featuring at her sexy navel. As she ended up being walking her buttocks had been going up and down. As she revealed the restroom i said thank q to her. That bathroom ended up being attached with their sleep room. I scanned their property however their home had only 1 room. Once we enquired it from rachana she said „myself, rahul(their son’s title)and shekhar would sleep in identical bedroom“. Pokračování textu Our Closest Friend’s Wife And Me Personally and All