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Map Preprocessed Code to Provider Code For Your Needs

Maintain your client-side rule readable and debuggable even with you’ve combined, minified or put together it. Utilize supply maps to map your supply rule to your put together code.

  • Utilize supply Maps to map minified rule to supply rule. You may then read and debug put together code with its initial supply.
  • Only utilize preprocessors capable of creating supply Maps.
  • Verify that your particular internet host can provide supply Maps.

Get started doing preprocessors

This short article describes just how to communicate with JavaScript supply Maps into the DevTools Sources Panel. For a overview that is first of preprocessors are, the way they can assist and exactly how supply Maps work, mind up to put up CSS & JS Preprocessors.

Make use of supported preprocessor

You should employ a minifier which is with the capacity of creating source maps. When it comes to many options that are popular see our preprocessor help section. For an view that is extended look at Source maps: languages, tools along with other information wiki page.

The next types of preprocessors can be found in combination with supply Maps:

Supply Maps in DevTools Sources panel

Source Maps from preprocessors cause DevTools to load your initial files along with your ones that are minified. After this you make use of the originals to create breakpoints and move through rule. Meanwhile, Chrome is obviously operating your minified rule. Thus giving you the impression of owning a development site in mailorder women manufacturing.

Whenever operating supply Maps in DevTools, you are going to observe that the JavaScript is not put together and you can see all of the specific JavaScript files it references. Pokračování textu Map Preprocessed Code to Provider Code For Your Needs