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Married adult dating

About our Marriage Ministry System

Our desire would be to build healthy marriages and assist you to deepen your relationship in Christ being an expansion associated with the BCC eyesight to „know Christ and also make Him known“ in our community.

The objective of the BCC Marriage Ministry is always to:

  • Prepare couples for lifelong marriage that is vitalized
  • Improve and enrich existing marriages
  • Restore troubled marriages to wellness

To accomplish our function, BCC has an active ministry to help dating, involved, and maried people. We provide a wide range of activities hosting that is including wedding and family associated classes included in our Sunday studies, performing an annual marriage weekend seminar, advertising other chosen wedding enrichment activities in the neighborhood, and utilizing experienced mentor couples to assist other people through various stages in wedded life including marriage planning which help for struggling couples.

Keep a lookout for details about marriage classes and related possibilities into the church bulletin, the BCC eNews, and here on our website.

For more information about our activities for wedding planning, or even for assistance at if you are struggling in your marriage, please contact us.

We want to help build and maintain strong, biblical marriages for life, so try not to think twice to contact us!

Marriage Events & R esources

We should assist you in finding information to encourage and equip you for healthy, vitalized marriage relationships. Here are a few of our activities and resources to support you.

Great date night

If you missed our latest Great night out the 2009 September, watch for another opportunity to attend the following night out! We’d a response that is tremendous providing boxes at our Great Date Night occasion in February. Pokračování textu Married adult dating